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  • 04/24/2018 10:17 AM | Tina Zanotto (Administrator)

    Young riders enjoy sunshine at a 2017 FAHA Fun Show. Photo credit Christine Blystone

    Fort Armstrong Horsemen’s Association, FAHA, is gearing up for its first official club event of the season.  So far this year FAHA has rented Western PA Youth Rodeo the club twice and hosted one Jackpot Barrel night.  All have been a great success and this coming weekend’s 80’s themed event looks to be fun for all.  Tagged as a “Fun Show” the event includes Barrel and Poles Friday night, Fun Show events Saturday, and Mini Horse and Donkey Show Sunday.

    In addition there will be the annual Equine health clinic where horse owners can obtain low cost vaccinations and other routine care Sponsored by Countryside Animal Health. Plus a tack swap is available for those looking to sell or buy tack and horse related merchandise.  The weekend is full of activity with an 80s dance, costume contest, and 80s trivia.  Activities start Friday April 27th and wrap up on Sunday April 29th.

    “The fun shows are really meant get riders of all ages and skill levels out in a stress free environment  to ride their horse for the day or camp for the entire weekend.   It helps us fulfill our mission as a non-profit by promoting equestrian activities with low cost fun events.” said Christine Blystone, VP of FAHA , who is hosting this weekend’s event.

    Activities start Friday night with an 80s dance in the museum barn at 7pm and All Night Barrel and Poles starting at 8pm.  Registration for the Fun Show on Saturday starts at 8am with the activities starting at 9am.  The Health Clinic and Tack swap both start at 10am.  Sunday’s Mini Show registration starts at 9am with activities starting at 10am.

    “The kids absolutely love it, and to be honest so do the all the adults.  It is just a great family atmosphere.  And there really isn’t much better camping with your friends, family and horses.” said Tracy Huffman, Secretary at FAHA, and key contributor to the Fun Show and Club Event weekends.

    2017 Fun Show participants compete in pantyhose race. Photo Credit Christine Blystone

    This year FAHA is bringing back an awards program and banquet for the Fun shows.  FAHA Member participants competing in the fun shows that sign up for the program earn points at each fun show and can attend the year end banquet.  The program is aimed at giving back to the membership while encouraging regular participation in club events. 

    Those looking for more information about the events or membership can see the club’s website at

  • 04/09/2018 3:21 PM | Tina Zanotto (Administrator)

    Youth Rodeo participant races out of the final barrel at Crooked Creek Horse Park.  Photo Credit: Pictures by The Reinman.

    April 9, 2018 , Manor Township, Armstrong Country PA.

    Fort Armstrong Horsemen’s Association, FAHA, opened their first event of the season on April 7th and 8th,  by hosting Western PA Youth Rodeo Association, WPYRA, for one of their six scheduled events this year at Crooked Creek Horse Park.  The newly elected Board of Directors of FAHA and numerous volunteers have been prepping the park and equipment since February.  Ron Bowser, a member since the inception of FAHA in the early 80’s, is one volunteer that has been helping get the grounds and facilities ready.

    “The weather has been a challenge.  The late snow and cold have prevented us from doing some standard spring cleaning to last minute.  But we have also repaired sections of the barns and stalls as well as some electric.”  Said Bowser, “we have been running this park since we first established it as an equine facility in 1986 and we have always tried to not let anyone down."

    WPYRA has been using the park for some of their events for the last few years and was happy to return for another year.   WPYRA promotes youth involvement in America’s oldest sport, Rodeo.  Founded as a charitable and educational organization, they conduct events and clinics for youth from preschool to 19 years of age.  The types of events include goat tying, barrel racing and even bull riding.  It is Rodeo related they do it.

    The organization isn’t just about Rodeo, they focus on teaching community and working together.  Participants must attend mandatory meetings prior to events starting.  The organization also hosts a cowboy church for participants on Sunday morning.  This past Sunday Ray Urksa, led the service using a lariat as a center piece for compelling message about how the community can bind together.

    Ray Urksa leading Cowboy Church on Sunday April 8th, 2018 at Crooked Creek Horse Park. Photo credit Laura Wilson.

    FAHA is excited about the new season and the return of WPYRA. “We are developing a great partnership with {WPYRA}” said Laura Wilson, current President of FAHA. “I have been here this weekend and they are great people to work with and the kids are polite.  We wished we could have ordered them better weather, but they are tough kids, so cold and mud doesn’t seem to phase them anyways.”

    The two organizations met in early 2018 to discuss plans for the year and determined that the chutes FAHA previously purchased had been sold. A used set was bought in March by FAHA for $5500.   Amie Ealy, FAHA Director, delivered the bucking chutes to the park after a road trip to Buckin B Cattle Co.  “It was great team work and I learned a good bit about bucking chutes really quick.  These ones  just need a good coat of paint and they will look great.  The important thing is that they are safe for the kids.”

    A Youth Rodeo participant is one of the first to use the newly acquired bucking chutes. Photo Credit: Pictures by The Reinman. 

    This year the concession is being run by Lil Jackie’s Concessions. “I came to the park Saturday morning to help and the smell from the kitchen was irresistible.  The pancakes were so big they barely fit on the plate and were amazing.  The kids were loving the cheese fries, walking tacos, and burgers.  Everyone really needs to leave room for multiple trips to the concession stand this year, you won’t be disappointed.” Said Tina Zanotto, Treasurer of FAHA. 

     “We have a really full schedule, but the entire board is working hard to make a great season for FAHA members and show producers. These are both great organizations for the local community to get behind and we hope people come out to watch and support them.” Said Vice President of FAHA, Christine Blystone.

    Fort Armstrong Horsemen’s Association is a 501(c)4 non-profit and its related Fort Armstrong Horsemen’s Association Foundation is a 501(c)3 non-profit focused establishing, promoting, and ensuring horse-related activities which increases tourism in the local community.  You can find out more information about Fort Armstrong Horsemen’s Association at

    The WPYRA, a non-profit 501(c)3 organization, promotes youth involvement in Rodeo, one of America’s oldest sports. Founded as a charitable and educational organization, the WPYRA conducts youth rodeo events and clinics for any interested youth from preschool to 19 years old. 
    In addition, a Scholarship Fund has been established to encourage and assist members in continuing their education beyond high school. You can find more information at

  • 02/13/2018 9:35 PM | Tina Zanotto (Administrator)

    We are excited to announce our logo creation contest!  use your creative skills to create us a fresh new logo for Fort Armstrong Horsemen's Association!  See requirements and entry form below!

    cchp logo contest.pdf

  • 01/01/2018 9:00 AM | Tina Zanotto (Administrator)

    As the new board and officers begin their work for the year, I want to include our membership in all of the wonderful events and potential changes we have in store for our equine families.   In my past few years as a member and board member, the organization has been working towards positive changes for its members and the park; we hope to continue this trend.

    The first step is updating our website and providing more detailed information to our members.  I want our members to be able to find out all of the important information and events going on at the park.  In addition to email and snail mail of meeting minutes and newsletters, you as a member can find this information located on our members only section.  In addition, you will also find our committee listing and contact information so you can reach out to the appropriate board or officers about events, volunteer work or to ask questions.  The website should be your resource to all things happening at the horse park.

    The second step is to work on funding and renovations.  Over the past few years the organization has earned grants and worked with groups to make wonderful improvements to the horse park.  I hope to continue this effort and revitalize the trails, that so many love to use.  With the help of the board, there will be a planning committee to focus fundraising and budgeting to upgrade necessary structures.   Although the park is running well and looks great, there are major projects that need renovated, replaced or updated.  So my financial goal in 2018 is to raise funds to help start these projects and continue to offer a fantastic equine facility to all of our members and guests.

    The third step is to bring more people out to the park to enjoy its facilities and participate in the decisions moving forward.   The organization has had some wonderful events this past year, like our first annual Sasquatch hunt and Tack Auction or the continued annual Fall for Animals and Fort Armstrong Championship Rodeo.  These events are for the community and equine lovers alike and offer fun for all ages.  The organization monthly meetings are open for all to attend, participate and learn about the events at the park.  I look forward to seeing you there.


    Laura Wilson
    2018 FAHA President

  • 06/03/2017 9:44 AM | Tina Zanotto (Administrator)

    We are in need of Volunteers in the following areas:

    Sign and Flyer Placement: Signs and flyers need to be placed far and wide.  Consider picking up a few at the June meeting or when at the club house on the weekend to post.  Please be cautious and only place signs in locations where it is permitted by local laws. 

    Parking:  Volunteers are needed Friday and Saturday to assist with parking participants and spectators.  Ages 16 and over with good team work skills and a mind for safety and customer satisifaction.  Non-profit organizations such as local clubs, fire departments, etc that would like to lend resources to parking will gain a small monetary donation for their organization in exchange for assistance with park.

    Trail Ride Drag Rider(s):  We need one or two dependable drag riders for the Saturday morning trail ride.  Must have sound and sensible mount capable of covering the covered bridge trail and back.  Experience with the trail a plus, as well as a patient horse willing to stay back with slower riders or those experiencing problems.  Its your job to tail everyone and make sure they return to the park.

    Concession Stand Helpers:  Friday and Saturday night assistance to the concession stand during busy times.  

    Vendor booth sales:  Assist in sales at T-Shirt table or other areas Friday and Saturday night. (exact needs to be determined)

    Park Prep: As needed week prior to Rodeo assisting with setting up, clean up, etc.  

    All those interested should contact Tina Zanotto at, Please reference Rode Volunteer in the subject line.  Or call/text 724-331-4430 (please leave a message, I do not answer unknown numbers)

    The Rodeo does not happen without volunteers.  If you appreciate this yearly event in the community, please consider helping out.

    NOTE: We cannot guarantee those volunteering on Rodeo night will be able to watch the Rodeo.  If you have a strong desire to watch the Rodeo, consider volunteering one night and watching the other.  We will release you during slow times or when your work is done to watch the show. 

    All volunteers will need to sign a Hold Harmless Release Waiver

  • 03/28/2017 9:14 AM | Tina Zanotto (Administrator)

    Fort Armstrong Horsemen's Association is now accepting construction bids for the following projects:
    1. New roofs for three horse barns and Administration Building
    2. A new shower house (construction)
    3. Bleachers (at the end of the arena closest to barn)
    4. New PA system, speakers and installation

    Members will be available for project details at the park relating to the above bid proposal on:

    April 15 (2pm) and April 22 (8am- Noon)
    Crooked Creek Horse Park
    461 Crooked Creek Dam Road Ford City, PA 16226-0266

    Please contact Laura Wilson at for details and dates for the above bids. Please include which project(s) you would like to bid for in the email. All bids must be submitted (post-marked) no later than May 13, 2017.

    Fort Armstrong Horsemen's Association is now accepting bids for various projects at Crooked Creek Horse Park unit 5/13/17

  • 02/08/2017 6:43 PM | Tina Zanotto (Administrator)

    Check out our You Tube video on how to find the schedule, event information and how to register events.  

  • 01/30/2017 2:09 PM | Tina Zanotto (Administrator)


    FREE camping Monday through Wednesday (FAHA MEMBERS only)

    • MUST USE A STALL $10 per horse/per stall for length of stay.
    • Stalls and camp spot must be vacated by 10 AM on Thursday to allow cleaning in preparation for show.


    FAHA Members intending to stay for a show scheduled on the weekend may extend the FREE camping Thursday thru Friday but MUST CONTACT THE WEEKEND SHOW PRODUCER to seek a Barn/Stall Assignment. Please do not assume that you can choose your own stall. Many show producer have stalls pre-assigned!

    Friday through Sunday Camping rates and week-end stall rates will be set by the individual Show Producers. Each Show Producers weekend Camping and Stall rates may vary.

    You will be charged Show Producers CAMPING & STALL RATE in addition to the park's pre-event $ 10.00 stall fee  if you elect to stay Friday thru Sunday.

    Non-compliant Members will be asked to pay regular camping and stall rates and be asked to vacate stall immediately.


    Must pay regular daily camping fees and stalls costs for each day prior to Friday.

    Event fees take over starting Friday.

  • 01/25/2017 11:52 AM | Tina Zanotto (Administrator)

    Continuing from posts 1 and 2 where existing members learned how to access their welcome email, reset their profile password, logon to their profile and edit their profile, we will now explore how to renew your membership.  We assume that you know how to log on and view your my profile screen from previous posts.  We are going to start at step 6 of the steps below.

    1. Receive the Welcome email.
    2. Click the link to request a password reset.
    3. Reset your password.
    4. Login to Your Profile
    5. Confirm your profile data and correct.
    6. Click the Renew button
    7. Select any changes on the renew application.
    8. Select your payment option
    9. Pay

    6. You are now ready to renew.  So lets click the renew button. (you must be logged in and in your my profile)

    You will be taken to the renew membership application.  Be sure to scroll down the entire page.  Follow the directions at the top of the page.

    Above you see the membership you are renewing.  (need to change a level of membership?  That is a different post, so hold on tight and come back later or contact for assistance.)

    Below is the bottom of the screen, trail map purchase and Mailed newsletter purchase are optional.  Acknowledgement of the Release waiver is required. (so is submitting it to us)  When your application is correct and meeting your needs hit Update and Next.

    8. Now you get to decide how you are going to pay.  You will be presented with a screen showing your total.  In this example I have a $35 family membership, I asked for $5 trail map, and I asked to have a $5 newsletter mailing.  Bringing my total to $45.  You have two options to pay.  Invoice me: button will be for those that rather mail in a check.  Pay online allows you to pay via paypal or credit card immediately.

    If you select Invoice Me, your membership will not be activated for 2017 until your payment is received and processed. 

    Under the blue box is your application, please be sure to check this before selecting the payment option to make sure your data is correct. 

    Confirm the data by scrolling down, sorry no screen shot of your profile data, you have seen the same thing a bunch of times in these blog posts, so I am sure you understand how to review it again.

    9.   I won’t demonstrate the invoice, if you are struggling with how to mail a check, well not sure I can help you there.  Just click the invoice me button.

    Lets discuss pay online.  When you click the pay online button you will get this screen.

    You have one of two options, log on with your paypal account and follow steps.  Or select the Pay with Debit or Credit Card.  Unfortunately this is the end of our demonstration as I just have no desire to $45 for a couple screen shots.  If you made it this far, I pretty sure you can figure out the rest.

  • 01/25/2017 11:30 AM | Tina Zanotto (Administrator)

    Continuing from post 1 of 3 where we learned how existing members can access their welcome email and reset their profile password.  We are now going to start at step 4. and continue through the process. NOTE: if you are not an existing member, you need to join to use any of this functionality. (Blog post on joining coming soon)

    1. Receive the Welcome email.
    2. Click the link to request a password reset.
    3. Reset your password.
    4. Login to Your Profile
    5. Confirm your profile data and correct.
    6. Click the Renew button
    7. Select any changes on the renew application.
    8. Select your payment option
    9. Pay

    4. Now we can login.  The login button is at the top of the screen. Click it.  NOTE the login button is at the top of every page in the website.

    You will be directed to the login in page where you will enter your email address and the password you just created.  Then click login.

    Accept the terms and click continue.

    You are now logged on and any pages restricted to members will be visible for you now.  We are still building many of these.  Now you want to check out your profile.  Click your name at the top of the screen.  NOTE: if your name is at the top you are logged in.  Login button at top of screen means you are not logged in.

    5. You will now be directed to your My Profile page.  This example is for a family membership.  An Individual membership screen will not have “Bundle Summary”.  Scroll down and check your information. We won’t go into all the fields right now or all the different tabs at the top. We will leave that for future blogs.  (Remember, lots of functionality is available) 

    Everything look good?  Great!  Something need changed?  Hit the Edit profile button at the top.  NOTE:  If you are ready to renew your membership, you will have an opportunity to correct your data during renewal, so you can skip this step if you like.

    Change the fields that are wrong and click save. Then proceed to blog 3 of 3 for how to renew your account if you are ready.

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Fort Armstrong Horsemen's Association is a 501(c)4 non-profit organization. 

Fort Armstrong Horsemen's Association Foundation is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization, 

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