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Post-Event Park Checks

  • 07/02/2018


  • Sign up for activities.

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Please be sure to get training and support of a Board Member on the activities you sign up to perform.  This work is best done by multiple people.  Work must be completed by Monday evening .  Two checklists for these activities will be on the clipboard in admin building.

Post Event Checks

  • Facility Checks and Preparation
    • Trash cans all emptied. (notify treasurer if work not completed)
    • Put approximately 14 cans back in museum barn after Buchleitner event
    • Ensure all items are placed in designated locations (barrels, obstacles, panels, sound equipment, pumps, hoses, electrical cords, etc)
    • Ensure ring has been left in the sealed fully open (no panels or chutes) conditioned. (Alert Bill Buchleitner immediately if not sealed)
    • Check septic level. (Report high level to Butch Lorant immediately)
    • Check for damages in barns, stands, buildings and camping areas especially after storms. (Alert Butch Lorant to any major issues, minor issues can go on repairs clipboard in admin building)
    • Ensure all buildings are locked as necessary.
    • Count shavings in trailer and report quantity on clipboard (full skids are 45 each)
    • Damages that appear to be as a result of the most recent show need to be reported to treasurer immediately.
  • Equipment checks and Preparation
    • Ensure both tractors show no signs of damage or malfunction.
    • Ensure all accessory equipment show no signs of damage or malfunction.
    • Ensure all accessory equipment is parked in the back asphalt lot and NOT in the warm up ring.
    • Check fuel tank level. If below 1/2 alert Tina Zanotto or Jamie Colder
    • Report any concerns with equipment to Jamie Colder/Bill Buchleitner immediately.

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